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We're Trigacy - your friendly, neighbourhood video production company in Pune.

Trigacy, along with Socinova is a marketing group providing social media management, digital marketing and video production services to clients from more than 20 countries around the globe. Since 2014, our team of experts is working on marketing campaigns for companies from different industries.

If you’re looking for a video making company in Pune that can actually make a difference to your marketing, you need Trigacy.

We’re a Puneri team of videographers, editors & animators who just love telling stories through videos. And we’re so looking forward to working with you!

6+ Years of Experience

We've literally tried tens of video formats out there. All this experience makes sure your video will be a success!

One Stop Shop

Hire us and forget everything else. We'll arrange everything from locations to equipment and even actors. Peace of mind!

Reasonable Pricing

We don't charge based on how big or small you are. Our pricing is reasonable and clearly stated on the website here.

Reliable Team

We're many things, and one thing above all else- reliable. We'll always strive to keep our promises and do a good job.

Work with a company that strives for excellence.

Video is one of the few things we do and we do it really well.

Here are a few types of videos we create:

  • Corporate Ad Films
  • Story-Based Videos
  • Corporate Events Videos
  • Product Videography & Photography
  • Explainer Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Animation
  • Drone Shoots

Explore our full list of video production services:

Beautiful Interior Design of Pimlico Café in Pune | Floma Tours

Floma loves to explore places with beautiful interiors and impeccable architecture. In this episode of Floma Tours, we visited the Pimlico Café in Koregaon Park, Pune. The floral theme and the beautiful colours of this café give you a cozy and an ecstatic feel. Watch the video to enjoy the stunning visuals of this café!

We can turn your ideas into beautiful corporate videos!

Filmmaking is not just about the shooting, but also about originality, passion, choices and attention to the smallest details.

We at Trigacy Studios have all aspects of video production right from video conceptualisation to post-production. We create all sorts of videos ranging from animation to corporate ad films in Pune.
Whatever stage your brief is at, we’ll use our expertise in all areas of production possible to offer creative and practical solutions.

If a beautifully shot and edited video is the answer, we’re onto it. If you need animated motion graphics, an eye-catching time-lapse sequence, dramatic drone footage – or a mix of all of those – we’ll provide them too.

Our Beliefs

Our Mission

To make this world a better place through technology. We believe that technology is that final frontier which can have endless advancement.  We want to use technology to make lives better.

Giving Back to the Community

Through our Nelda Foundation, we plan to influence the plantation of a billion trees in India by the year 2041. You can also join us in this project!

Explore our portfolio to check out our work!

Behind the scenes

Here's simply why we're a better choice!

Young Team

No one understands video trends better than a young adult. We have a team full of such people!

Professional Equipment

We bring only the best in class to the table. You should expect the best and you’ll get it with us!

Ideation to Deployment

Our team can handle everything from ideation for your videos to literally getting those videos out there on social media.

Local, Pune Based Team

Our entire team is based in Pune and we don’t outsource anything. So you’ll find us easier to work with.

Faster Delivery

You won’t need to wait weeks to get your videos. We generally finish all projects within 7-10 days.

We use only the best in class brands!

Videos are interactive and great at capturing the attention of people and engaging the customers. They are a much better way of communicating with the clients than just ordinary images or text. With each passing day, more and more enterprises are making the switch and adopting this increasingly popular and effective trend. In fact, this mode of communication has fast become a highly favored method of advertising as well.

Video films are a canvas to create and convey content dealing with a wide range of subjects. A visual medium is a powerful tool that can be used not just to create and experiment with content but also to the story you want to share gets out to the intended audience in the manner you want it to be told.

At Trigacy Studios, a Corporate Film and Video Production Company in Pune, we believe that it is essential to move in tandem with the times, which is why we have left no stone unturned in making sure we could deliver top of the line video production options and services to our clients. Using the most advanced technology and technical skills as well as knowledge, we aim to give you a bang for your buck.

It is our earnest belief that there is more to video making than just combining and compiling clips and footage with a theme or storyline to sell it to the masses. At Trigacy Studios, it is our endeavor to add a personal touch or flourish by incorporating soul and character into our videos, which we feel, is the only way to really strike a chord and resonate with our clients and customers. But we do not just stop there. We also do everything possible to make sure that the videos we create reach our target audience as soon as possible and in the best way possible.

Coming to what corporate videos are all about, here are a few explanations to help you get a clear picture of the same:

The Reason You Should opt for Corporate Videos

The age of plain text has long passed. People live very fast lives and need content that they can consume and comprehend quickly. So, while text can be used to enhance the visual content and further elaborate on it, it cannot be your mainstay any longer. This is why it would be the best course of action for you as well as your company to introduce all the products and services your business offers as well as your brand ideology via an engaging video to your target audience and existing customers.

What Corporate Videos are All About

Corporate videos refer to videos that are created with the aim of introducing your brand or business to your target audience and potential customers or clients in the best way possible, while also being engaging and succinct. This wide and all-encompassing term includes within its ambit, all corporate messaging and communication, whether external or internal, that are in video format.

The Reason Trigacy Studios is the Best Corporate Film and Video Production Company in Pune for Your Business

Are you looking for a great Corporate Film and Video Production company in Pune? Well, your quest ends here because you can rest assured that with Trigacy Studios you will not have to settle for any less than the best. We make sure that the videos we create are top of the line, original, authentic, engaging, and help you get great returns on your investment. At Trigacy Studios, it is our earnest endeavor to capture the soul and essence of everything your brand idealizes and stands for and showcase that in the videos we create for you so as to give the masses a true and accurate portrayal and representation of your business or company.

To help you understand the process better and gain more insight into how we make videos for your brand, here are the things that form the foundation of the video that will help build your brand and boost it so that it reaches greater heights:

  1. Understanding the Essence of Your Brand’s Ideology and the Message You Wish to Convey to Your Target Audience

Specifying what you have and what you can do for your target audience through your videos begins with being clear about your objectives in the first place. This will enable you to transmit what you will deliver through your video content. That’s what we do for you, for which we connect with your target audience, find the necessary information from various sources on the basis of your inputs and if needed, do something to simply bring a smile to their face initially before introducing them to your objective.

  1. We Do Our Homework and Carry out Extensive Research

It is said that knowledge is power and we whole-heartedly believe in the truth of this saying.  We carry out extensive research to arm ourselves with all the information and knowledge that we require to create good videos backed with authentic first-hand information as well as make compelling videos that engage with your target audience and help them learn all about your brand and everything that you have to offer. Our designers adjust their techniques to suit your style of production.

  1. Build on the Message that Your Company or Brand Wants Your Target Audience to Know and Understand

We carry out multiple and comprehensive rounds of discussion and make sure that there is an open channel of communication between ourselves and your company so as to get a clear idea of the big picture you are aiming to paint. After gaining a complete understanding of the same, we start working and brainstorming on the best course of action to realize your plan and execute it perfectly.

Trigacy Studio’s digital team will support you with everything from structure and format, to particular advice for video platforms to help your video have the biggest impact. Our video production house cuts through the clutter to produce meaningful and visually appealing videos that are certain to grab eyeballs.

Since this is an inherently creative process that requires original thought and boundless imagination, here is how we go about making the whole process more systematic, structured, and organized:

Coming up With a Theme and Building a Story around It

It takes tremendous skill and infinite patience to perfectly blend and weave together creativity and imagination with facts and information to give birth to a compelling and engaging narrative in a visual or video-graphic format that leaves behind no loose ends to tie up. But at Trigacy Studios, it is something we do on a daily basis, and thereby, we have perfected this art.

Making a Script and an Engaging Storyboard

Following this, the story or message that has been decided as the central theme of the video is then put down in the form of a video script, which is then fleshed out and finalized by way of a storyboard.

Capturing the Story on Film and Ironing out the Creases

Last but not least is the final step where all the magic comes to life as the story is gradually captured on film by the production team. Post this, all the little loose ends are tied up, the creases are ironed out and the finished product brings the essence of your brand to life.

At Trigacy Studios, we hold the firm belief that making and creating films is not just limited to shooting them on camera and capturing it on film. In fact, we believe that the real magic lies in the tiny details, the fervor and enthusiasm to create something novel and authentic and the choices one makes to do the same.

At Trigacy Studios, we offer and take care of all the various stages of video production, starting from the very beginning with the conception and conceptualization of the story of the video to working out the little kinks in post-production. Not just that, we also make a wide variety of videos, from corporate ad films to animated videos. No matter what you need, whether it is a captivating and attention-grabbing time-lapse sequence, a video with beautifully animated motion graphics, or amazing drone footage that offers a unique perspective, rest assured that all your requirements will be fulfilled to the best of your ability and your greatest satisfaction.

The following is a list of the kinds of videos we make at Trigacy Studios:

  1. Corporate Videos

With corporate videos, we make sure that all the facets and features of the products and services that your company or brand offers are showcased in the best manner possible while retaining the core values, essence, and spirit of everything that your brand stands for.

  1. Product Videography & Photography

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, we believe it. We know that the best way to sell a product is to showcase its features and benefits visually so that you can stir and spark the imagination of your target audience and customers. What’s more? The product photography and videography services we offer cover traveling to the location too!

  1. Story Based Videos

Who doesn’t love a good story? Videos based on stories are the best way to connect with people because they resonate and relate with the message and story you are conveying to them.

  1. Ad Films

The best way to ensure that your story reaches more people and expand your reach is by sharing documentaries and ad films with them. Not only are they a great way of facilitating interaction and initiating dialogue between your target audience and yourself, but they are also an amazing way of disseminating information about the products and services your brand offers.

  1. Video Animation

Animation is something that fascinates all of us, and at Trigacy we build on this and utilize it in order to communicate and convey your story in the best way possible. In other words, we use beautiful animation to make your brand come to life.

  1. Training Videos

Trigacy Studios specializes in the production of training, instructional, and educational videos. Trigacy videos allow you to take your expertise to your readers in a cost-effective and engaging manner. These can include staff training videos, product demonstrations, and instructional videos.

  1. Employees’ Working Videos

No business can survive without a team of dedicated employees. They are the backbone of any successful enterprise. We create videos that tell their stories in a manner that encourages intellectual and emotional bonding with the audience.

  1. Board of Directors Interview Videos

If you want to tell the story of your company’s genesis and its growth to reach the position where it is today, videos of the Board of Directors are an intelligent option. They not only enhance awareness about the company but also give an insight into the journey behind the success, the struggles, and challenges faced along the way.

  1. Multi-location Shooting

We are able to tell our stories through meaningful and engaging videos because the terrain is not a deterrent for us. We are willing to shoot at the desired location across different terrains. Our sole motive is to incorporate all the facets of information you want to put out to the audience in a stellar manner.

In addition to these, we also make Graphics Based Videos, Profile Videos, Company Event Videos, Product Explainer Videos, Commercial Videos, Drone Videos, Music Videos, Short Films, 360 Degree Videos, and Training Videos.

Corporate films and videos need to represent the voice of not just an individual but of thousands. Corporate films need to be the medium of not just passing down information but more importantly the core values of the company. Corporate videos that speak to the audience in a language that resonates with them can substantially benefit a company. At Trigacy Studios, a Corporate Film and Video Production Company in Pune, we create corporate videos from the original idea to publication. A designated team will take care of your project from beginning to end, ensuring an optimal, innovative service. We recommend the best solutions for your objectives and budget, aware of delivering the best possible return on investment.


Why Trigacy Studios?

Well, for starters, Trigacy Studios is a corporate film and video production company based in Pune with vast experience gained from working on hundreds of video projects. Needless to say, that if you want your story told in video or visual format then we are your people.

We, at Trigacy Studios, are extremely result-oriented. However, we do not just focus on results, we also make sure to deliver results in as short a time frame as possible, making sure the whole process is smooth, quick, and efficient. What’s more? We are great at working with deadlines and tight schedules and always deliver on our promises.

With more than 6 years of experience dabbling and perfecting all the dozens of video formats out there, you can rest assured that Trigacy Studios is not just the best choice for your business as far as video and film-making companies go, it is also the right choice for your brand or business.

Secondly, Trigacy Studios is a one-stop shop for everything pertaining to video and film-making. Hire us and we will worry about the rest. From equipment and actors to choosing the perfect location for your story, we will take care of it all.

Thirdly, we will make the best videos to tell your brand’s story without you having to burn a hole in your pocket or breaking the bank. Our pricing is transparent, reasonable, affordable, and most importantly, fair, meaning that we charge for the work and effort required and not based on the size of your brand or business.

Last but not the least, our team at Trigacy Studios is amazingly talented, creative, and disciplined, but above all else, it is reliable. You can count on us and rest assured in the belief that you are safe in our hands. Once you choose us, everything else is our responsibility and you can trust us to deliver on our promise and do a great job too because, at Trigacy Studios, we are constantly striving for excellence in everything that we do.

At Trigacy Studios, it is our dream to do what we do best- make world-class videos that tell beautiful stories, and it is our mission to use our knowledge and skills to make the world a better place via technology and leave it a better place than it was when we found it.

We as a corporate film and video production company in Pune offer high-definition videos that help to establish brand image all around the world. Consultations are free, and we’ll happy to show you samples of similar productions, so you know what kind of look a certain budget present. If you want videos that work for you, contact us today! Trigacy Studios is the right choice and the best fit for your business.

केळीच्या झाडाविषयी थोडी माहिती | Banana Sapling Information - Nelda Foundation

जर तुम्ही तुमच्या बगिच्यासाठी एक सुंदर झाड शोधत असाल, तर केळीचे रोप त्यासाठी एक छान पर्याय आहे. ऐकुया वेदार्थ कडून केळीच्या झाडाविषयीची थोडी माहिती.

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